Southern Rivals

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1895 Auburn vs. Georgia game at Piedmont Park!

No Southern Hospitality for UGA

Currently ranking first in the SEC East, UGA has had it’s fair share of rivalries. While some rivalries are more wildly revered than others, UGA has a broad selection of long time rivalries to choose from. However, the biggest rivalries in the South are none other than UGA vs Auburn and UGA vs Georgia Tech. These two rivalries are shrouded with so much history and close calls, it’s no wonder there’s even nicknames for these rivalries. Everybody is left on the edge of their seat for these games, but few know of how long these rivalries existed.

Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry— UGA has had a long standing history with it’s oldest rivals, the Auburn Tigers. Starting in 1892 with a loss to the Tigers, the Bulldogs have played their rivals a total of 120 times. The record has shifted over the years, with the totals coming out to 57 wins, 55 losses, and 8 ties for the Bulldogs. It started with Auburn winning their first game, but has shifted over the years to the benefit of the Bulldogs. By no means are the Bulldogs out of the woods, a 57 to 55 ratio is nothing to bat an eye at.

What’s most baffling about this rivalry is the ongoing trade of players and coaches and while trading in the league is not uncommon, there is a bit of irony in the mix for these teams. Pat Dye, a former Bulldog, became the Tiger’s head coach in 1981. Likewise, Vince Dooley was a former Auburn player, who later became one of the most well know Bulldog coaches in the school’s history. The fact that the line of trading doesn’t end there is a bit mystifying. With the intensity of this rivalry, the fans will definitely be at the edge of their seats!

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate— Perhaps the most well known  rivalry in Georgia is the rivalry between UGA and GT, but nothing about it is clean. With a record of 65 wins, 41 loses, and 5 ties, UGA has been in constant battle with their state rivals on and off the field since 1893. These two schools have become notorious for their rivalry, often making playful jabs at one another throughout the season. Many natives of Atlanta, whether they attended one of the schools or not, anxiously await the show down between the two teams every year, but very few know the reason that lead to the rivalry.

Aside from funding, the  Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets have been in constant battle for years, both sides making frequent jabs at the other to further the rivalry. From the battle of colors, where UGA dropped the color gold from it’s team and GT picked it up as a slap to the face, to their battle cries when they face off, both teams make their rivalry the forefront of their lives in the week coming to the game. Any student on UGA’s campus knows the game was won when the bell tolls all night long, but not without a few cries of “Wreck Tech” to cheer them on. This rivarly has deep meaning for both schools, and are highly awaited games for the city of Atlanta.

Auburn and Georgia Tech aren’t the only rivals UGA face in the South, but they are the most rich in history for the Bulldogs. Their rivalries are far reaching and severe, with high anticipation from college football fans all over. These games are some of the most anticipated games of the season, and for good reason, with these stats, it’s a close call for both. With many awaiting the games to come, people are buzzing with anticipation for the Bulldogs to keep their current first place ranking. But, no matter what the stats are, it only matters what happens when those players hit the field, so who’s your pick?


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